Custom Zodiac : The Deer

Custom Zodiac

Speed is the personality of a deer. They ran away even when you lift a finger. Hunters have to be frozen dead, to get a good shot at them.  When their necks are on the ground dupes human into thinking they’re busy feeding, yet any unfamiliar noises or enemies makes them ran faster than your eyes could see.  They stand  with their necks straight and upright, the antlers guiding their vision, ears high at attention,  their eyes sharp and determined.  Their spontaneity is unmatched when they come crossing the street just when a vehicle rushes by, announcing to all their presence. A grand entrance. Are you hunting for me? Here I am.

As an enemy, a deer brings out the best in you. It lures you into thinking that there is no need to hurry up, but in reality he is ahead, he knows where to run, everything was planned. If you have a deer as an enemy, watch out because you can never outsmart him

As a friend, they teach you how to fight, by using its antlers and they are very gentle. When sparring with a smaller deer they make sure to use only the smaller antlers so as not to hurt the young ones.

Does choose the buck that they will breed. Making sure that their potential mates have the genes that will be passed on the fawns, healthy and smart on surviving and reproducing. Those born under this sign knows who and what they want.


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