About Me

Everyone wants to tell their story. The uniqueness of my story is not reason enough for you to listen. Who would care about an ordinary mortal popping out of this world? That is not news. People want to listen to a man who bit the dog and not the other way around. Stories that warm the human heart. Stories that will be full of emotions, to lift the spirits. Examining the lyrics of this song I found out that there was really no story in this song. It’s all melody. Catching the listener’s ear, which is what a music should be. IF one gets attracted to the lyrics then one should read a poem or a novel instead of listening to a music. But then this kind of music is also not as deep as the ones composed by Bach etc. don’t expect deep music as in real music from these people. When I listen to real classics, it is listening to nature, the original composer language. Because music came from the soul and spirit combined. And who is inside the soul, isn’t he the original composer who is the Almighty? I think this is the language of our original creator himself, whatever you may call him. A person to come up with real music has to get in touch with that spirit that resides in him, and once he is in touch with it, he loses his self, the soul takes over. That person becomes only the vehicle for the soul to manifest itself. It is the same thing with a writer, a person should go down deep inside to get in touch with that soul and spirit that resides. Once a person is in touch with that, he/she becomes the messenger/vehicle, the soul/spirit takes over.





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