When I look at the window this morning and saw that pinkish cloud hanging just below the edges of the window valance it feels like a baby smiling and recognizing me as a family friend not just any other random faces in the street. Just like some of you reading this blog I am part of a family and not just some random names in the literary world. It took time for me to put faith in blogs as literary venues unlike traditional books and magazines. Blogging has no specific set of rules, if ever there are, rules are formed when “birds of the same feathers flock together”. New technology has come out with new art form which the literary world still has to acknowledge. While the dictionary has accepted new words literature hasn’t come forward. Like tweeting, blogging I believe will change the way readers looks at writing and what people has to say or how people interact with what was written. When I look at the new list of books coming out everyday I am amaze at how some writers devote their time on these activities tweeting and blogging. Gone are the days when people just rant everywhere venting out opinions on the street where one is not even sure who listens or reads or the other way around when an author hides behind the veil of anonymity. This is the age of civilization. Come out and show yourself. If you think you have an opinion blog it out, if you think you need to speak out and be heard, blog it out. Don’t be like a clanging cymbal, until you are part of an orchestra playing you are not making any music.


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